DZINE occupies an airy 15,000 sq. ft. showroom in the San Francisco design district. White and gray walls and bare concrete floors create a neutral backdrop. The effect is minimal, yet inviting. It is a space that places emphasis on the line, proportion and detail of the furniture itself, reflecting respect for the integrity of each design and its creator.

Inspired by the great showrooms of Milan, DZINE restricts the showroom floor to a handful of notable manufacturers of high-end contemporary furniture. The placement of furniture, accessories and art is carefully planned to create vignettes that offer more than mere display; rather, the environment presents a unified design vision – an aesthetic, an attitude, a lifestyle.Every beautifully crafted item in the showroom – whether bold or understated – reflects dedication to quality and authenticity; a belief that design is ultimately about living with greater elegance and ease.

Our Team

Eve Petrucci
Founder | President + CEO
Austin Forbord
Vice President | COO
Rachelle Dural
Sales Director + Designer | Kitchen + Bath
Tim Odom
Sales + Design | Kitchen + Bath
Eric Zimmerman
Sales Director + Designer | Furnishings
Mira Brower
Sales + Design | Contract + Residential Furnishings
Nicolyn Alarcon
Sales + Design | Contract + Residential Furnishings
Iris Lerch
Designer | Graphics + Marketing
Salvador Garcia
Technical Designer
Zoë Mann
Logistics Supervisor